Sunday, December 7, 2008

Advantages that Online Magazines Have Over Print!

According to Media Now, innovation diffuses depends on several other factors besides their cost. What are the relative advantages of the new idea compared to existing ways of doing things? How compatible is it with existing ways of doing things? How complex is a new technology to operate? How easy is it to try out the new way before committing a lot of time or money to it? Can people observe others using the innovation successfully? Information that we acquire from the media and from observing others forms our expectations of how it will perform for us, persuading us to adopt it or not (Straubhaar, 2008).

Their is a large amount of U.S. adults and kids that view the web every day. Majority of these people spend time on the Internet to surf for their topic of interest. Online magazines have taken off because of major advantages such as:


  • Use free e-mail recirculation to advertise Web site
  • Small amounts of actual, serious competitors for the same market
  • Archive are available in a convenient manner
  • Web allows publishers to make databases, listings and indexes available to visitors. This cannot be done as fast or easily in print publications.
  • If publication has both an online and print version, than this can be very profitable for the magazine. Having both of these mediums working for a publication gets them more time with their readers, and less time for them to read other publications.
  • Can create unique information services and formats, which readers enjoy viewing, and want.
  • Interactivity

Advantages of Print:

  • Print publications tend to be more stable because their technology doesn't change at a fast pace.
  • Taken more seriously by sources
  • It's portable (More convenient for people that cannot afford a lap top) "digital divide"
  • Don't have to wait for an article to download
  • Don't have to wait for pictures to download
  • Print publications don't have software that crashes
  • Has a physical presence
  • Print is superior to online when the online publication is unable to reach their target audience due to them not being online.

Disadvantages of Print:

  • Magazines aim for one particular target, while online is able to reach all
  • Online publications can have up to 20 million visitors because it is free and reaches everyone. Print depends on subscriptions, therefore reaching far less customers.
  • Online magazines that are not linked to print publications tend to have 2-to-5 times more material than print magazines have on the same topic.

Online over Print:

Though it looks as if print dominates the online technology of magazines, the online source provides more for society, costs less, and it is easier to reach a much bigger target audience.



Unknown said...

I am one of those people that uses the internet for everything but I have to say there is something about a print magazine that I enjoy over a digital one and I wouldn't say I am part of the digital divide.

Van said...

I would agree that the online versions are becoming more popular than the print versions. For me, I can scan through tons of magazines online than if I were to flip through a print version. I also like it because it doesn't cost any more, I can get magazine access almost anywhere by having it online, and it is more time efficient. I hope all magazines will start to have online versions.

Leroy79 said...

I agree with Marc, that online magazines are easier and cheaper to access, but print will always rule!!!!

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David Stewart said...
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